Friday, May 30, 2014

Client Project

Route 66 Concept Video

Research Project

For my research project I chose to research about teaching Ancient Greek History through Virtual Environments. I need to come up with the following conclusions.

How can the virtual environments help the teaching methods in the classroom ?

In what way can we include them in the current teaching system ?

The research is based on questionnaires, interviews, personal observation and bibliography.

Students that are about to be teachers were asked through questionnaires, current teachers through interviews and past experiences through bibliography.

I created an artifact to lead my research project and help me gather information to answer the questions needed.

A random scene from the official History book was selected to present through multimedia applications.

You can find it here.

Also the final research document can be found here.

Simulated Project

Simplify is a facebook page that shares photos with the users. The users are also able to share their photos with the others through the page and as a simulated project I was asked to create a promotional video for the page.

Here is the final video.

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Nice Cup of Tea - Review

Main idea: A pirate makes some tea and then pours some rum in the cup and drinks it

Positives: Excellent character model, Very good composition, Good concept

Negatives: Character control movement, Errors in textures, Short duration

Fantastic Airport - Review

Main idea: An airport inspired by a modern wave of architecture combined with Gothic architecture.

Positives: Too many details, Very good design, Modern, Textures, Materials and Shadows are working excellent.

Negatives: Final rendered export is without shadows and outside area due to unlimited render time while using them, so it doesn't show the real thing.

Up above down below - Review

Main idea: Visualisation of a music roller coaster, through sound waveforms and other visual (sound-wise) effects

Positives: Colorfull volume lights, Waveforms(although just a little variety)

Negatives: Path(so many problems during the design process), Entrance (doesn't work as i would like to), only a few props.