Friday, November 23, 2012

Fish, Horses & Other Animals

During the lectures of Context 2 at M.B.S. College, we were shown a presentation about Creative Ecologies referring to the following book:

Fish, Horses & Other Animals (simply put Humans, Humans & Other Humans)

A book written by Jim Shorthose (Cultural Researcher & Creative Consultant, Nottingham).

The writer refers generally to factories that affect the business creativity and productivity and analyzes the importance of using creative networks as they give us a chance to compete and cooperate with everyone around us.

He also refers an ecological system (through a metaphor) as a creative network and gives an example of how easy this can be missed if we act like mere fish, that due to lack of perception, they ignore that they live in it. Also the writer explains the reason that those networks are important: Like in an ecological network, every being depends on other kinds of beings, sometimes in the form of competition and some other times in the form of cooperation. Thus we depend on  our creative networks.

Finally except the ideas that the writer offers us, he advises that we should be personally responsible for the details when we decide to start a business, based on our targets, how and why.