Monday, November 19, 2012

"Of bots and bananas" - Research

All these weeks I was looking on Reflective Journal and found some videos about the same project I am on right now but I also looked on similar projects so I can have a complete idea about how the students on NTU(Nottingham Treant University) are doing. Some were very good but some were bad and very bad aswell. Considering the scripts, character and environment design etc.
These days I was focused on the "brief plan" and I have made a research about some comedy actors,etc.
I took a look on Charlie Chaplin as suggested on the brief but found myself kind of bored since I don't like that type of humor too much, having a lot of respect for Sir Charles ofcourse. Well, Charlie inspired one of my personal icons of that type of comedy, Mr Bean. I will link some of my best videos that inspire me a lot(scenes, reactions, movement,etc.).